Transportation Technology

We deploy world-class technology solutions for both our shippers and our carriers to connect all relevant parties in the LTL process.


We pride ourselves on providing customers and carriers with world-class, intuitive technology platforms that make the processing, tracking, and payment of freight intuitive and simple. Robust technology doesn’t need to be complicated, and our tools are user-friendly and focused on helping you manage your individual responsibility of the freight more effectively.


Motuship is a world-class Transportation Management System (TMS) that enables North American LTL shippers to gain total control and visibility over their LTL freight. More than just a rate-shopping tool, Motuship can be scaled to meet even some of the greatest challenges a shipper faces in today’s dynamic LTL landscape.

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Reporting & Data

We often tell our customers, we don’t sell freight services- we sell access. Our robust reporting tools allow you to generate powerful business intelligence on demand, 24/7. In addition to native reporting, we can deploy in-depth, custom reports for our customers as needed.

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Integration Services

We can implement integration and connection services that allow you to push and pull data/information from your existing software systems to Motuship. We can wholly integrate with a myriad of ERP/WMS/OMS platforms for no additional charge.

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