Freight Management

Motus Logistics supports our customers with robust managed services such as transportation accounting, claims and rate negotiations.

Working with Motus Logistics gets you more than access to our TMS. Shippers across North America lean on our solutions to help them streamline their LTL Freight process through transportation accounting services, claims resolution, dedicated rate negotiations, and vendor management- for no additional costs.

Freight Pay and Audit

Freight payment, audit and invoice consolidation are essential aspects of your LTL strategy. Motus Logistics supports our customers by conducting a pre/post audit of every invoice, paying the carriers on your behalf, and issuing a weekly consolidated invoice to them.

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Claims Management

Managing freight claims can be, well, a pain in the butt. Anyone who has ever filed a claim before knows that most of them will get denied before they see their day, and the ones that don’t get drawn out and exhaust the claim filer. As a Motus Logistis customer, we’ll process all your freight claims from beginning to end in a highly efficient and focused manner.

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Carrier Negotiation and Management

In the world of freight management, having outstanding relationships with your carrier partners is equally as important as the relationships you have with customers. Being in an industry that connects the two parties together, we value our carrier partners and take pride in our ability to sync the needs of both shippers and carriers to create ideal partnerships between the two parties.

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Inbound Freight Management

Managing inbound freight can be tricky. Complex routing guides, vendors booking with the incorrect carriers, a total lack of visibility to what will be on your docks and when- the issues pile up. To solve this, our customers take advantage of our robust Inbound Freight Management program- allowing us to shop and schedule shipments on their behalf, directly with their vendors.

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"The Motus team delivered excellent value in terms of cost savings, excellent reporting and in ongoing review of our account for additional cost saving ideas."
John E. Sircy, President, Henry A. Petter Supply Co.

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