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Since 2005, Motus Logistics has actively lead over 3,500 Small Parcel negotiations. In fact, Motus Logistics was founded to serve a segment of the market that has been neglected and controlled by parcel carriers for years. During their time negotiating on behalf of the carriers, our founding team witnessed companies leaving millions of dollars at the negotiation table. The carriers always won and the companies always lost. To our founders, that just didn’t seem right – and it was obvious that there was an opportunity for improvement, to level the playing field. But more than that, we didn’t start the company just because we saw this opportunity. We did it because we genuinely love saving money and making a positive impact to your bottom-line.

Small Parcel Negotiation

With over 10 years of small parcel experience, we engage with customers to help them effectively manage the small parcel RFP/Bid process and procure world-class pricing from the carriers. Our full-service bid management solution for small parcel shippers with annual volume in excess of $2M including in-depth analysis, RFP development, bid management, appeals and carrier implementation.

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"The Motus team delivered excellent value in terms of cost savings, excellent reporting and in ongoing review of our account for additional cost saving ideas."
John E. Sircy, President, Henry A. Petter Supply Co.

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